Friday, 13 September 2013

Of Seven Blessings

This week is short and sweet. Thank my early exams...

Surprises - I had a lovely (I am sarcastic...) Friday. My hurt spirit was very much gladdened, however, when I arrived home from work to find my cousin cutting tomatoes in the kitchen. (Well that certainly put gauze on my wound.) And I am not sarcastic there: It was the best. I can't really say anything more except that you realize how much a person's pure presence means to you when you're unraveled.

School Planning - I get excited thinking about what is yet to come. The best, right? But that includes working up. Taking pre-requisites. Doing every little thing. As long as I don't forget where I get my energy, right? My help is in the LORD, the maker of heaven and earth!

Letters - One of our family friends' daughter wrote me a letter. It was short, it was sweet, and it was encouraging to receive a note from someone who looks up to me. It reminds me of what I used to be; a person looking up to a college student. Now I'm that college student, and I was officially encouraged by thoughtfulness. 

Savings - I needed a few new fall pieces for my wardrobe, and so I checked out a little shop. I discovered five select high-end pieces that will all match with one another or something I already own, and to my delight, some pieces were 50% off! I am very careful about what I buy now that I am working, which means that although it may not seem like a "big deal," I was very jubilant when I walked back to the car with five quality items costing under $20.00.

Discussing - Life plans. With my parents. I am so very blessed and thankful to have extraordinary parents who have such varied life experiences. We always have something to talk about! And their advice? Priceless. 

Homemade Peach & Plum Cobbler - Enough said. 

Rain - Since it has been dry, our once lush grass is slightly brittle and faded, and the greenery protrudes only from the spaces where we water intentionally to promote growth (the garden, the flowers around the lawn's trees, and the civilized ones around the mailbox). It's a tedious job, watering, and directly before one of us (usually my siblings or I) went to bestow life-giving liquid upon those beauteous Eukaryota-celled organisms, it drizzled. And dripped. And dropped. It rained, and  is still raining now. Not only does our thirsty ground get one of the gentlest, refreshing drinks, but we get to go to sleep to the sound of drip-drip drop. 

Friday, 6 September 2013

Of Seven Blessings

(Plus random France photo.)

Yes, it's that time again, where I am caught up in all things work and no play (which make me slightly dull) but I have a grand family who keeps me above water.

Life is different now, and it is taking some getting used to. I am not spending the time I used to spend with my family, an I have a different schedule. That's definitely different. I writing, but to people; one would think that a norm, and yes, I am used to it, but it is strange, at the same time. It is as if I am caught in an in-between phase and will be here, silently, awkwardly, for a length of time which I cannot see ending too soon. However. I still remain thankful, and especially for God's faithfulness.

Childhood Friends - At the end of my graduation commencement ceremony at the end of June (when the sixty wild children ran off the stage to show their excitement), I was greeted by a friend I'd not seen in years. we'd been fast friends and had written letters and such. We'd both grown up; I wasn't wearing shin-guards and soccer shorts, my long blonde hair in a scraggly ponytail, and she was even more perfect. Her strawberry blonde curls gave her presence volume, and she greeted me with a beaming smile I will never forget. She made sure I remembered her, and she asked if we could write while in college, and because I was altogether for that proposition, we were ecstatic after I agreed. God brings those people back into your life for a reason. Find out what it is and make the most of it.

Joy - Honestly, I never realized how much peace God gives in your time of need. Sometimes, people hurt you, and sometimes it is hard to understand why. But guess what. I do not need to know why, I just need to love back. And yes; it's hard. It's hard to sit there and listen to the language and difficult when you're only trying to help, but God gives peace beyond compare so that when they cause misery, He gives me even more power to love.

Influence - This is a bit work related.  In any work-place, there's always gossip. Who's doing this, why, who's always late, who's annoying...
So you stand out when you don't let any slanderous words leave your vocal chords, and people respect you. Why is this important? So that they may glorify our Father who is in heaven. If they see us living the life in the least of these things, that's what matters, and we influence others to become upstanding.

SAC - (Otherwise known as small acts of chivalry.) So. Yes, something that bothers me quite a bit is slang words. "Near-miss" words, and words that just aren't salt and light. Excuse the preachy Seven Blessings post, but I digress. In my...environment, per se, my age group thinks nothing of what pours from their mouth, so it's not only nice, but also comforting when you meet a person who has enough dignity, class, and respect to refrain from speaking whatever they will. It's a plus when they exhibit sacs: a guy at school held the big lab door for me, and it was just nice. Plain. and. Simple.

Spontaneous Plans - We're having a bonfire tomorrow night! If anything is that interesting I'll really try for a Saturday Shoot. I love when plans like these work, especially with old, close, and even new friends. Truthfully, though, I panned this event because I wanted to socialize with people I actually know, instead of saying yes to a strangers' "Whoa, it's really hot out today!!" There is nothing wrong with being friendly to all others, but for me, it's a mite exhausting to be around newness constantly.So, these plans with friends = spontaneity cubed.

Electronics - Welcome to the family, little phone. What's not to like about keeping in contact with others?

Drive - I am going to reveal a large part of myself to you: I am not partial to mathematics...and I am enrolled in a hefty class this semester. BUT! You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. It's not the psychological little engine that could while saying "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!", but rather an assurance. I know I can, but only because He's strengthened me.

Have a beautiful and blessed September weekend.