Thursday, 27 February 2014

Attempted Thank You

The pavement was wet and slippery.  Anna Marie walked quickly in her heels, the pavement suffering little blows as she walked quite fast. 

Ignorant to the bustle of the city, which remained a blur to her, she never noticed the red, yellow, and green glimmer of lights on the wet streets, she continued her march until her destination was reached, always oblivious to her surroundings.

Upon reaching her destination, she paused. The city still bustled, and taxis were ever pulling up, out, in and away from the curb. Ebbing, ever ebbing. She could not pause long, however, as the revolving doors moved quickly.  She pushed against one while holding her briefcase; her lips pursed and her forehead slightly creased.  After turning the door, she walked towards the elevators and went up 15 flights until reaching her floor. 

Ever elaborate offices meet her, but Anna Marie had a meeting. Relief arrived when she discovered there were ten minutes to spare. Confidently pushing open the tall, glass, conference room doors at the end of the offices, she scanned a proper place to sit.

Although the meeting was informal, Anna Marie continually possessed an air of superiority about her, and it did not go unnoticed. When the coordinator had decided upon serving a luncheon during the meeting, Anna Marie was uncomfortable simply because it seemed undignified to eat in front of fellow workers.  However, she politely stepped in the line after checking in, and served herself a sandwich and glass of water.  

Various members had served themselves food, but some of the men stood at the end, the only place to wait to enter the line.  Anna Marie neared the end of the line, and as she was gathering her glass, she met the eyes of the last man to fall into line. They had worked on a few business projects together, and it had been enjoyable.  He smiled and asked the common questions of courtesy, and she did the same. 

Since many of the members had already served themselves, they had already seated themselves as well. The members sat in clumps common to the people of the offices, and because she did not want to sit with anyone at that moment, she sat on a side all by herself.  No one thought much of it until one of the more cordial but boisterous coworkers shouted out to her.

“Anna Marie! Why are you always so alone??”

She broke her own rule of superior etiquette and spoke with a silly air. “Because I am a messy eater,” she replied.

Before she knew it, the man whom she had spoken with earlier looked at Anna Marie intently and moved from the buffet to the corner near her seat and gently sat down.


This happened to someone I knew; writing is the best I can do to thank the unknown person for being courteous to my wonderful friend during a troubled time. You may not understand, but that is quite alright.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Run After His Story


"...and then they took the story away from her. It was quite a sight; her with a very empty folder, one which had held many words of sensibility, wit & humor. She was overwhelmed, but hesitant for only a moment before remembering: It was not her story - it was God's."

"So then what did she do, Grandma?" they asked, their almond eyes bulging with curiosity. 

"What did she do? She ran after it. And fast." 

Friday, 7 February 2014

Of Seven Blessings

Good evening, everyone! Here are some points that blessed me during the past few weeks .

Accountability: Driving this winter made me notice how rough the roads are, even after a thaw. You're driving through life, and whoosh! All of a sudden, there's a winter freeze, the road stiffens like slap-bracelet, and when you think everything is warmed up and the ride will be smooth, you hit a bit of a, well, hole. I can't write flowery language about holes though; this one I'll dub the lazy hole, and I fell away from feeding my soul. What surprised me is how starved I became. Spiritually hungry, I ignored the pangs until numbness set in and I grew tired and lethargic instead. When I recognized the ugly head of apathetic lethargy, I understood I wasn't actively fighting.
When a realization is made, one either ignores the said realization and sits in despondency, or he or she exerts the effort to change. Which is my attempt at present: A friend and I keep one another accountable. What fed you today?

Ice Skating – Lately, Minnesota has experienced the brunt of “frigid” 30-40 below temperatures. A few weeks ago, it was -8, and warm. Thus, we skated on the pristine ice of Centennial Lakes. The two of us; practicing, spinning, remembering.

Provision: Hours – I though I was going to have all of last week (Friday) off work. At first I was bummed, my mentality tuned to saving for school, but I soon became excited at the thought of an entire free day. Until...I was asked to pick up for a cook at different building. Yeah, it's a little daunting, but what's the blessing is that I'm earning money I wouldn't have otherwise earned.

Tumbler – When the temperatures were hideous last week, I forgot my water tumbler in the car and it froze and broke. There's nothing like it to keep me hydrated at work when I'm running around crazy; I've missed it at work and have been trying to purchase another. Thursday night, I put belongings away in my room and turned around to see an abstract, marble-like water tumbler on the sewing machine. Wacky and just for me. Thanks Mom.

Focus: School was miserable last semester. I didn't understand my sciences, and the only thing that made too much sense was the nutrition which was all too easy. Because of that, I had a greater tendency to not focus. This week, God's blessed me with the study mentality; the one that says “Oh, wait, did you just say you didn't understand that? Go back. Now. Read it and do every practice problem until you know why it works that way.”

Warmth – Thursday was NOT warm. At all. I got off work early afternoon and planned to walk to the college to study before my evening class. Well. I excitedly walked out and made my way to the street, the corner, and splash! There went my right foot into the icy-cold wet, and for the next ½ mile, I walked with a soggy appendage. This is a blessing. Normally, I would be upset. Ridiculous, right? But in so many of these cases, I go without something and realize how good it is and how thankful I should be.

Unity – At work. Yes, we all have our jobs and “things” we need to get done, so I let go; let God direct steps. Conduct. Be the conduit. Lately, I have noticed how growing closer to people at work, while a delicate subject, can be beneficial on both sides. The little acts of kindness that are natural to me because of Christ's mercy and grace do have an impact; and be it ever so small, it still may be a seed.

Any fun weekend plans?

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thought Poem

A four stanza poem in no particular meter/rhythm, written after observing some distasteful behavior. Wasn't really sure if I wanted to post it...but here it is. That which I observe on occasion inspires me to go to greater lengths through HIM to be a light. Passion fuels. Can we not have back the days of decorum?

The people are lost and don't know it;
That makes me depressed - I don't show it.
Their basic, raw mean is for money,
But they still don't know where they're running.

Hell is a real place and I know it:
Saying it isn't won't "blow it"
Away, for what would the cost be for living
If I didn't tell what Christ's given??

We're all toy soldiers, who, because we are, 
Don't know what it is to be real. By far,
If we did we'd be quite alive, 
And no one would suffer hell fire and die.

They don't see God's ways aren't our ways,
That His days are His days.
God's judgement is perfect, our sense so flawed;
That he sent His son is cause for awe.


because it's not our strength that lends us fuel.