Thursday, 6 February 2014

Thought Poem

A four stanza poem in no particular meter/rhythm, written after observing some distasteful behavior. Wasn't really sure if I wanted to post it...but here it is. That which I observe on occasion inspires me to go to greater lengths through HIM to be a light. Passion fuels. Can we not have back the days of decorum?

The people are lost and don't know it;
That makes me depressed - I don't show it.
Their basic, raw mean is for money,
But they still don't know where they're running.

Hell is a real place and I know it:
Saying it isn't won't "blow it"
Away, for what would the cost be for living
If I didn't tell what Christ's given??

We're all toy soldiers, who, because we are, 
Don't know what it is to be real. By far,
If we did we'd be quite alive, 
And no one would suffer hell fire and die.

They don't see God's ways aren't our ways,
That His days are His days.
God's judgement is perfect, our sense so flawed;
That he sent His son is cause for awe.


because it's not our strength that lends us fuel.

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