Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Heart Throb

Evening! In the midst of ignoring pop culture and its oddities, I dropped into Minneapolis and was greeted by this billboard.

I've been wanting to post about it for quite some time, but I'll keep it short and sweet. Honestly, with certain kinds of art (the classic kind, Baroque, Renaissance, Classical, Impressionistic, etc.), you can't go wrong; there's almost always something to please.

Take the Doryphoros (hint, picture...), for example: There are only four of these dudes in the world. FOUR. We have where are the others? Italy!

Here's my point. Go to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Minneapolis owns great works - stupendous art - and I will enlighten you on one point; you can't go wrong with this art throb because he's not going over the deep end.

...and...I hope you understand the satirical nature of these matters?

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