Friday, 3 January 2014

Of Seven Blessings

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Happy New Year!

The New Year - Celebrations. <<in the cold>> A clean slate. Looking back on memories made while facing those quite near. We people become easily entranced by all things new; bright; beautiful. Too often, however, we forget the rest; the creatures great and small, the things wise and wonderful, and the fact that our Lord God made them all. At the beginning of this New Year, I pray that I (and others) may be considerate to creatures great and small, but more importantly, heed the wise and wonderful. My Heavenly Father is Wonderful, a Counselor, and though I have much to learn, I will not fail if I heed His wisdom.

True Friends - When starting PSEO two years ago, I knew no girls. It was pretty exhausting (enough said). But, in the most unlikely of places, Latin class, I met a friend that I will always and ever hold dear to my heart. I'll call her Mae. She went off to college for Catholic Studies and Theology, and over break, we were able to have a little get-together with her and her twin sisters. It was refreshing, to say the least, to be around friends we truly knew. I think that's what love really is, too, knowing that deep down, God's given you a bond that even time can't break.

Food - So...I kinda have a thing for it...
Thursday I made a lovely quiche (threw it together, actually), topped it with cheese, and served it with a side of pepper and sea-salt ginger-maple sweet potatoes. o-so-sweet. And then we had pineapple. Whenever combinations like that work, I'm pretty excited. Isn't God amazing to create flavors that compliment one another so exquisitely?? Whoever thought pepper could transect with maple syrup and still taste, well, not only edible, but out-of-this-world? 

Complete Honesty - God commands us to know truth. If we know truth, we have no stigmatism, per se, because everything is clear. This fact plays out in life. Everywhere. Commitments, work schedules, favors, little things.  I had a discussion with my Dad about this. How, we could look at "telling the truth" or "being honest" as a duty of a christian. However, an adored wordsmith once said that love is higher than duty, and if we all stop to think about it, we're honest and truthful not just because it's a duty we're called to, but because we loved because HE first loved us. So when I speak the the truth, though it may hurt, I speak in love.

Sleep - Never thought I'd say it, but I have been officially taught the value of sleep. It's like sleep rose, took form, and verbalized a drowsy, inducing,"in yo face, Elleanna!" Or something like that, because yes, sleep is a gift.

Cleaning - Organization helps people boost their confidence as well as the "I'm-on-top-of-it" feeling. Which is pretty great, if I do say so myself. Cleaning is a blessing in that it's a beauty in a home/domesticated/OCD/perfectionist sense, and afterwards, I can actually find my music theory and photog shoot books...

Plans - Phantom of the Opera and Kieran's Irish Pub this weekend!!! (I'll get you a little Minneapolis culture post/Phantom review Monday.) Working the past month of weekends made me create plans extravaganza, and no one is stopping these girls from their winter break splurge to see the Phantom, including checking up on our beloved Grand Avenue in St. Paul in evening gowns. Look who's coming to dinner.

Stay warm! Minnesota is "frigid," and the weather will say no more.

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