Monday, 16 December 2013

Music for your Monday

Greetings, all. I trust la mundi has been well? Here's a piece I'm listening to while studying for finals.

                                  Like Pachabel, the ground repeats over, and over, and over...

Henry Purcell: A Curtain Tune on a Ground


Endearingly, not oboxiously.

Play on, Purcell, play on.


  1. I clicked the link but don't know how to make it repeat. Either way....Purcell is lovely background music. I've YouTubed it and have had chamber music on all morning. :)
    Oh...and at your recommendation, I finally have started Crime and Punishment. As I get farther I'd love to hear from you as to what makes this your favorite book. It's a good read for this latest stay home with the extreme cold day. Josie is in the sunbeam....

    1. Welcome to the Blog! Isn't it? I am so glad to hear of your new interest in Dostoevsky, and we'll have to discuss it when I see you next.