Saturday, 23 November 2013

Home School Conversations: Plagiarism

Sister: "But I feel really bad! It's like I'm plagiarizing you.

Me: "Um, you can't really plagiarize my mouth..."

Sister: "Well, yeah, because your mouth isn't published."

Lovin' the helping with writing papers.

Plagiarism: Just don't do it.
Be original.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Growing Pains

limbs aching to attain an art
heart bursting for love of exertion
admiration for HIM who blessed 
that which disciplines
no limitations 
direction, and yet, freedom
the lights, the rush, the frantic

where it was, and doing then.
design apparent, proven clear
the strain was good and meant success
now means nothing
or does it?
abstract; an art; a life, a love.

seemingly once lost and not regained
there was no thief, for it was me who lost you
so afraid you were so much better than (i)

the arts are lost
and all for what - monetary gain
means nothing to a heart fed by the art 
the diet shan't change as the creature may perish
for lack of expression

is the expression, the passion
the drive
exertion proves past fulfilling
longing for knowledge of direction
gnawing at the heart.

for it is now judged, and sadly
not for its art 
it must weather on
instead judged for productivity
the harsh productivity of rush and change
though there are no lights

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Home-School Conversations: Sell Sister Wendy?!

Note: Sister Wendy is an art expert who has written multiple art books, and...somehow, we ended up with one.

Mom to daughter: How's your art paper going?

Daughter: Well!

Mom: How well? 

Daughter: Very well. (cue smile)

Mom: Do you need Sister Wendy?

Daughter: NO....

Mom: Alright. I guess I'll sell her at the book sale, then.

Me: Sell Sister Wendy at the book sale!?

Daughter: 'dies' laughing.

The end.

Another typical conversation carried by yours truly; us.