Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Sinterklaas Poem

St. Nick and Claus are different;
All who think otherwise
Think within an inference.

“Sint zat te denken,
wat hij jou zou gaan schenken.”
(Was that a sneeze?) Bless you.

The saint was thinking,
The thought, it was sinking.
What should he give to you?

They'd worked hard all year
Not a “Santa baby, Santa dear”;
Not even one pleading cry.

So two by two,
They set out their shoes.
And bid their parents “Goodnight!”

On that good night Zwarte Piet,
With fancy robes and slipper-ed feet,
Set out with Sinterklaas.

This party of four
Had no musical score
To accompany their task at hand;
But the surprises they
(Sinterklaas and Piet)
Placed in the shoes two by two,
Created smiles so grand.

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