Thursday, 8 August 2013


Perhaps a cry from a reader to "update us soon" is enough to nudge me to write.

Over the past two weeks I have been working quite hard at an assisted living home (no names). 

Over the past two weeks, however, I have also gained quite an interest in a new British television show featured on PBS/Masterpiece Theatre, also known as Endeavor. Check. This. Out.

To say the least? He's quite amazing. A detective who loves poetry and solves mysteries dealing with murderers who prey on victims in the manner of famous opera deaths, witnesses teeming suspense, but possesses such dignity.  

Always looked down upon by his commanding officer, Mr. Morse quietly stays true to his love of solving such...killings. Sometimes the quiet people are the most passionate, and the acting in this new series is indeed exceptional. 


  1. I came across your blog while googling the Latin and saw your post on Endeavour.

    Wonderful isn't it? There was a single TV movie before it became a series.

    Did you know it is the pre-quel to the famous Inspector Morse played by John Thaw> (and then Inspector Lewis

    Happy watching - all the PBS Masterpiece is wonderful.

  2. Kudos to the Latin Googling. Endeavor is indeed wonderful; classic murder mysteries with dignity. Thanks for checking out the blog!