Friday, 11 October 2013

Of Seven Blessings

DG Conference - All about C.S. Lewis and Christ's saving grace? Aslan and the Lamb of God? "Likenings" and "shadowlands"? It can't get better than that. Two weekends ago, I was blessed with the opportunity to serve at this National Conference. Working in the bookstore was amazing: I met attendees from the South (i.e. quite chatting young gentlemen...), Professors from London, couples from New York farms, and mounds of seminary students, all enthusiastic about this genre of a get-together; one where attendees sit in sessions to commune with their maker, and write, think, and be enriched.

Eating Out - On one of the nights of the conference, a group of us walked out to eat, and it was so wonderful; people that usually are humbugs decided to be goodbugs and come, which made it even better. I don't think they realized how they completed the equation. It reminded me how special it is when people are simply there. A full conversation is not always needed; it's enough to know that they are there.

Pumpkin(s!) - I harvested the first of twenty-one late last night:

It was quite dark out, and I stepped in all the mud available...but I found a ripe pumpkin, baked, gutted, and pureed it. The result? Up until 2:00am with pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins. (Then Bio Lab at 8:30 the next morning!)

Themes Explained - The hardest part of my classes thus far is the fact that the Profs think everyone is supposed to know everything before coming to class. Far from it! I'm here to learn about Osmolarity in tissue because I don't know about the importance of osmolarity in tissue! So, since I'm over the's a blessing they paused for a second to explain that osmolarity in tissue is important because from it, we can determine and assure an equilibrium between the solution inside and outside an organism. We don't want our organisms saturated, and neither do we want them dehydrated. (See? Not that hard to explain to me...)

Back Roads - Driving and walking country roads in Autumn is exquisite!The leaves have turned and with the absence of rain, the fallen leaves now crunch beneath my feet. Walking to work is always lovely, and the cool air is constantly refreshing.

Enjoying Work - When half my week is spent working, I better enjoy it; and I do. It is wonderful that I can look forward to going to work, serving the people there, and being an example of light to glorify my heavenly Father.

Apples - Our Golden Delicious are snappy and so delightful! It's wonderful to have our own apples that can be picked at will.

Blessings on your Autumn weekend!

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