Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Guess what?! I am going to my first music fest!

I can't display excitement accurately virtually, as we all know excessive exclamation points point to fanatics, but that's beside the point.

Very overjoyed about this music fest. I've never been to one, and with only having been to two concerts in my life (said concerts being Fernando Ortega and Tobymac), I can't wait to finally see Switchfoot (plus so many others!) in person. I've been a fan for years since I first discovered them through the library and my old Sony CD player. I remember telling my parents last year that I "had to see Switchfoot before I died." It sounds a little extreme, but I was pretty serious. God does all things in his wonderful timing, so I am more than content to go, especially since I'll be introduced to some artists I probably need to catch up on. Wouldn't you be?

Currently my spring/summer has been brimming with life:

  • Thoroughly enjoyed my trip to NYC New York. Would definitely go back in a heartbeat. 
  • Finally made it to lead photographer for summer camp; this has been a dream of mine since 4th grade, and I am so happy to have been given the honor. 
  • Signed up and paid for my entire CNA class. What a blessing.'
  • Moving out at the end of the month! Very excited.
  • Growing: God completely redirected my focus over the past month. Readjustment is something I needed badly. The things I've struggled with, they will always be there as a past, but I have no desire for them.
He makes beautiful things out of the dust. 

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