Friday, 29 August 2014

Of Seven Blessings: August Endings//Before School

The official end to the summer here in Minnesota is the State Fair. Some years I've worked and volunteered at the Fair and therefore gone 4-5 times. This was a fairly (no pun intended) good year, as I went three times total. It's still going on, but I don't think I'll be going again this year. Opening day I went with my cousin and a grad-school going friend; the second day I ended up going with my family, which was amazing since we rarely go on vacations; and the third time was with a friend of mine since he's off to school this week. I liked how different all three visits were. God's blessed me with such great friends and family.

It's absolutely amazing how God provides the best of the best. Cream of the crop. Creme de la creme.

Hot. Steamy. Sticky. Wet. Rainy. Refreshing. Beautiful.

Going through The Universe Next Door by James Sire with family friends of parents; it's wonderful getting to know people that were always just your parent's friends, but now, that you're grown, it's changed. You've grown and are now able to learn from them.

While talking with a couple (best friends), I was thinking about how truly good our relationship is. We have a discussion. It doesn't seem right; we dig in the word. So many of us never let ethical and political subjects surface because of how we've either been taught or how we've grown up. These friends are different. We do discuss. This is fellowship.

Amy Grant, Journey, Sting, Russ Taff, Switchfoot, and Organ music sound ten times better with this gear. If our house were a meme, the floor we're on would be moving/pulsating with noise vibrations (comical, perhaps, irritating to neighbors...well, erm, maybe).

After completing my CNA course, I promptly took my exam. Though a little nerve wracking, a friend of mine ended up being there, and we just happened to be prepared with one another for the skills examination, meaning it was less stressful! Again, evidence of God's grace in that he knows what puts our hearts at ease.

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