Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Japanese Lit: Renga

Written in a poetry workshop work-group - I love this:

Soft, white owls roosting-
See the comings and goings.
Camouflaged, preening.

Shallow puddles all around;
Splashing in the frigid cold.

I suppose this could be
the start of new beginnings,
or perhaps it’s not

Flowers growing green as spring,
Birth and joy has filled the air.

Children chase the sun
making use of longer days
Memories shine bright

I dream of younger days here,
Where wind through white pines whistles.

Coke stays on my hands
Pepsi came flipping my mind
She takes my cup now.

Nature decays with summer days,
She dost roam where she pleases.

The smell of dead flesh
The fox trots stealthily close
Ready to consume.

Bright eyes, burning like fire -
Boldness wanes to lesser light.

The sadness hangs here,
A melancholy embrace.
Frankly, nostalgic.

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