Saturday, 13 December 2014

Notes from a Camp Session

-Do you know what delight is?
It is a sweet day, breezy, 

-Ice cream cooling down, 
Sleep that comes to the weary. 

-Passion ignited, creation 
Only a glimpse of the
-Held for us in 

It's a place of music-
Wafting out of an open
Meeting you near the 
Poppies and peonies 
Bursting with a multiple 
          color scheme
-Delight is the robin's song 
upon finding nourishment -
sharing his good news with 
comrades - satisfaction of 

-A helping hand, small favor,
          holding; love.

-The sun, bursting from drab
clouds who've lost their power
          to diminish glory.

A sister's glance - caring, knowing;
Brown eyes wide, showing kind. 

Little feet, pitter, pattering - steps
directed by givers of care.
A feat completed, practiced for;
          Challenge defeated. 

Seeing loved ones - running to; 
          Being, embracing. 

Being the object of One's
THOUGHTS - we are
          His always;
Delight is in Him. 

John 1. Isaiah 40. Psalm 119.

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