Friday, 12 April 2013

Of Seven Blessings

It's April and snowing, but we live in Minnesota, and this is as close as I could bring spring things to the cold without hurting them. au contraire.

The past two weeks have been hectic in so many ways, but God is faithful, and because of this, I realize every day how much more blessed I am in the midst of a whirlwind.

Helping – Helping is always good, but this week I was very excited to help, as the request came from multiple fellow students. Each needed a sample of a certain paper format, and having completed the course, I had the finished paper stored on my computer. It is a bit ridiculous, but I do so love it when people read what I write (and actually like it…). 

Playing – One can never play too much, that is, on the piano.  Last week my siblings and I played for a fairly large group of people at a quaint complex.  Keyboards are hard to play on after competing on pianos sporting the name Steinway or Yamaha, but we made do, and the few mistakes that were made were overlooked, as it was worth it all just to see the joy we were able to bring to the people there.

Light – I have been so very excited recently because of the light that we are being exposed to.  When seven o’clock enters stage left, the world is no longer one of glum. The sun is finally waking from its hibernation, and Spring is starting to emerge (despite the snow).  Light makes the world not only bright but also warm. The boys played barefoot outside, and our wonderful swing is no longer only befriended by snow sitting upon it.

Struggle – “…in the midst of this inner turmoil…” (A quote from <an unremembered episode of> Adventures in Odyssey, anyone?)  It is good for us; healthy.  If we would not have to struggle for anything, we would not place much worth in it.

Philosophy Class – I noticed how I have been getting vague in these posts, and it is never fun to read about vague things, so here is something really real and specific that has been an immense blessing over the semester.  I love this class; even though it starts at 8:00 am. The best part? Our Dr. is an amazing Christian who is passionate about (philosophy, yes) being a “careful belief acquirer.” He’s also so personable and passionate about document fragments from hundreds of years ago, fragments such as pieces of copies of the New Testament and Plato’s Apology. Attacking the brain-in-a-vat and infinite regress problems are only part of the excitement, for the most important thing is that we are reinforced to examine our thoughts and beliefs, keeping God at the forefront, despite any philosophical “problem” that may arise.

Surprising Others – Yes, it may be a blessing to receive, but giving and surprising others is the best.  Much apologies for not using wonderful adjectives there.  If it is so very exciting for me/us to give to or surprise others, take a moment to think about God and how blessed he is when we receive His gifts; His magnanimity ultimatum. Period.

Anticipation – It is half the fun of something.  There are so many exciting events happening this time of year, and one of the best is getting ready for working as well as gardening.  Soon we will have bees. The months will bring raspberries and potatoes (contrasting produces, I know...), and other such wonderful stock. There is a special element to working for these things. And the best part? Waiting and working with family, as we can all be anticipatory together.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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