Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Landscaping (and Music)

Greeting from muggy and humid and breezy and cheerful Minnesota! I wasn't going to post today, but because of certain events, I wanted to do a random "share post" of what I've been up to. This means my Tuesday France recaps will be on hold for a spell, but that might make them all the more worth the while. Later.

During the past two days, I...
  • Dug and replanted Hosta cuttings
  • Was stung by a bee
  • Dug and Leveled a Boulevard
  • Read MORE Willa Cather
  • Dug up a dried, old rose bush (that bit me when I tried to pull it from the ground)
  • Trimmed Hedges so much fun!
  • Removed roots and mulched and laid gravel cover
  • Fell in Love (No, don't worry, I'm not that ridiculous, yet.t literally, of course. I adore my latest music library additions; Switchfoot's Oh! Gravity and Relient K's Collapsible Lung are great for Summer work (Switchfoot more so) and play, which would be Relient K all the way.
File:Collapsible Lung Album Artwork.jpg
until the morrow...

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