Friday, 5 July 2013

Of Seven Blessings

Downtime -  With Family at the Lake: Even if Rangers are grumpy, we can still enjoy the weather and water.

Extermination - Apologies for the quirky humor: I spent part of this week transforming a garden area, exterminating weeds and hedging our rose in the same area.  When the drive up our long driveway is completed, this little area makes one breathe easy as it sets the mood to calm organization...

Duet-Playing - My cousin and I spent part of the July Fourth evening playing Dvorak together. Duets are ever so much fun, and it's so great to be able to sit down and just play, laugh at timing mistakes, key changes, and skipped beats that we run after in the end.

Roses - We have four roses; one in the front garden area, and the other in front of one pasture. "Knock-Out" Roses they are: A bright, penetrating red, they're blooming in all their glory now and contrast so artistically against the grass. Yep. A blessing. ('Specially since we had to leave the other roses behind when we moved.)

Special Moments - They can't really be described, but the best way to do so is say that they are those moments when you are with the people God has blessed you with; the people who truly matter. You look into one another's eyes and know how good it is to just esse (Latin, be) with them. Family. Siblings. Cousins. Friends you want to keep forever.

Job Interview - (!!) I had a lovely Job interview Tuesday, at an Assisted Living Home. Everything went smoothly, and I will be starting in the next 1-2 weeks. It is a bit strange to have all of this come and go so quickly, but I'm thankful for what I have been given!

Major and Minor Prophets - I do not think they get read enough. I started reading through them, and I have now officially adopted them as my summer reading. Quite descriptive and seemingly "random" at times (i.e. where Amos talks of destruction and in the middle of the passage notes that people don't walk together unless they agree to do so), I have noticed the HUGE stress on how much God will bless

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