Friday, 8 February 2013

Of Seven Blessings

Quite busy, this week was! I reached 2013 page views today, so that was a mite exciting. But here's the blessings:

Sharing Stories - There’s always something going on around here, and sharing stories keeps us in touch with one another.  Lately it is either a literal (book) story, what God's showing us, or simply something interesting that happened, especially when everyone sees events from different points of view.

J. S. Bach – His works are completely and utterly quintessential to the classic selections of music.  It is ever invigorating, relaxing, or astounding.  semper.

Country Noises – This is a bit of a weird blessing, but it is one.  It always happens when I am tired or overwhelmed with school, so I run outside.  That’s not a good way to solve ‘overwhelmedness’, but after walking about in the cold for a bit, the animals start their shenanigans. The coyotes begin to wail, and the owl tries to hush them.  When they have started, the neighbor’s bellowing beagle begins to bawl, the snowmobiles start to crawl at rapid paces, and I remember how silly it is to be overwhelmed.

Short Drama – I witnessed some of the best short presentations of solo drama, right in our speech group.  The “beginning speaking” division held their little showcase this week, and hearing the life each presenter put into their piece was amazing, even they were retelling Puerto Rican and American folktales.

A Long Driveway – This might seem outright ridiculous, but I do appreciate walking the long driveway.  I could never walk up and down the one in Minneapolis without being seen as quite strange, but this is different; this long driveway is a blessing because I get fresh air every time I check the mail or put out a letter.  The family’s more practical reason is that it is a blessing because it puts space between us and the road…but I digress.

Air on the Strings – I love classical guitar, and I came home to Dad playing (Handel, to be exact).  Why a blessing? Perhaps because it is nice to hear someone else playing, but it also gives me joy to see another take joy in their God-given abilities, especially when it is my Dad.

Common Courtesy – There are many types of common courtesy, but this week there is one courtesy in particular that is venerable. When people, even acquaintances, use my name when speaking to me, it shows not only a certain level or respect, but also of consideration.  I try to give others this respect, and, in doing so, I have found how much more polite and considerate it feels to have it ‘done unto me.’ Thank goodness for etiquette.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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