Monday, 7 January 2013

Of Seven Blessings

I neglected my writings this past weekend due to sheer exhaustion, but I am up and running again. From now on, I hope to post this section on every sixth or seventh day of the week.

After the bustle of Christmas and New Years, we were able to spend some much needed time at home, simply relaxing. Bidding the world goodbye, we holed up in our "mansion on the hill" and listened to the repeated cries of others exhorting: "Don't let the fires go out!"

This call, to not let the fires go out, reminded me of how often our hearts need to be on fire for our Savior, which is why I am posting of thankfulness, because when I am thankful for Him, I love Him; and when I love Him by being thankful for blessings he gives me, it is just one small way to give him glory.

Snow - In order to get our mail, we must first trek down our long driveway.  The other day, while I walked in the middle of the road, the snow was falling in a light dusting and delicate flakes clung to my scarf and mittens. Snow, here and now is a constant reminder of God’s utmost attention to detail and intricacy.

Splitting Logs - No matter how hard it is (or how long it takes…) the effort spent on log-splitting lends the heat and warmth of the fire a more weighty meaning.  We’re proud of it, yes, but God blesses us with work so we can benefit and rejoice in him for the fruits of our labor.  (And trust me; laboring in this way is quite worth the exertion.)

Animal Tracks – Living where we do has its surprises, although we are never actually surprised.  We find up to five or more different kinds of tracks.  The phrase “when the cat’s away the mice will play” is all too true, for when we go to bed, the coyotes, mice, rabbits, deer, and lone cats emerge.  In the morning, we wake to find evidences of scampering and prowling. It’s on my list this week because I think these signs of life are entertaining blessings.

Sledding Hills - Three pastures means three pastures, but since we have a house on a hill flanked by two of the pastures, one possesses an exceptional downward slope.   This downward slope is advantageous in more ways than one: Dangerous jumps and paths with quick turns are the most exciting, but parents are content, no driving is necessary because the hill is outside our front door.

Stories of the Old Testament – I can never get enough of them.  I love reading books, and one of the reasons is because I am able to observe personalities and characters interact with one another.  With the Old Testament, however, God gives us the “big picture,” and reading these stories makes me think about how ridiculous I am at times. (And I thought the Israelites were obnoxious!) In all seriousness, the stories bless me because each one speaks to a different area in life, areas which need attention, and the stories only emphasize that I am a work in progress. 

Two Days - Over the past week, there were two days we spent completely at home, not going anywhere. Even the grocery store was not graced by our presence.  After New Year’s Day, I relaxed (well, washed dishes), read books, baked bread, knit, listened to music, and practiced my own music.  I also went sledding in the dark with my brother (do not try this at home…), and we almost died laughing at ourselves. 

The Hobbit – When our entire family was together for an afternoon, we took a literal unexpected journey to the Cinema.  Our unexpected journey was pleasant and enjoyable, and we watched The Hobbit.  From 4:30 – 7:30 pm, the other movie-goers had to put up with the family of six directly below them.  We probably guffawed too loudly at our favorite parts, but we did refrain from cheering at certain others, but only for consideration of others.  It was the first movie we saw together as a family, and yes, that classifies it as a blessing, as every member enjoyed it. Immensely. So here's a little poster. I loved the design in it, especially the way everything blends into everything else without seeming crowded. Design is amazing, but God's even more amazing to bless his people with creativity!

Have a good week!

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