Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Ballad

Since it was advertised, here 'tis! Please be not dismayed at the disturbing subject...I pray the scansion does not leave you dizzy. To say the least, enjoy.

  Evisceration for Provision

He walked his unsuspecting gait, 
Bobbing like a pier. 
Head erect, in a prideful state, 
His eyes both bright and clear, 
           Without a single fear.

The air, sliced with such precision, 
Retreated to the pride.
Soon, his white body was rising,
Then held in arms flanking each side;
Nothing at all to fear.

He fluffed his feathers and then found 
Pulse throbbing, by arms he was bound,
Unaware of anthrophobia.
        But he does not fear.

Suddenly he was upside down;
He did not know why
His birdish self was above ground
Or why he felt pressure apply.
    He thought not of fear.

Then air, sliced with new precision; 
Bowed to the lancet,
Which sliced and removed his vision.
dulce et decorum non est,
           But now he is a provision.

Thanks for reading!  The "dulce et decorum non est" line is a play on words from the title of a jingoistic war poem Dulce et Decorum Est by Wilfred Owen.  It's an amazing poem - worth the read.

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