Friday, 15 March 2013

Of Seven Blessings

It's always busy around here, and anticipating Spring makes everything even more busy.  I can't wait for the flowers.

Grapefruit - It's exquisite. Is it not wonderful how creative God was, even with fruit? I am taking a study break currently to write this, and cannot wait to finish the tropical tastiness.  Alright, I understand if some cannot stand this fruit, but it is citrus. And guess what. Citrus is good in the season of anticipating for Spring.

1 Peter 3 - Over the past week I had to examine arguments for empirical evidence for the existence of God. It was long. So I read 1 Peter 3 afterwards, because for some reason, all the letters of Paul are more than endearing.  I love how when we read the letters, we see new meanings and applications that mean so much more each time they are read.  I'll have to post about it in completion so it is understood why 1 Peter made it to my blessings list.

Gray Days - Some say these days make them feel sluggish and depressed, but I like the gloom.  This morning was quite weird. Quite. Rain rained and suddenly turned to snow, which promptly became rain again once the temperature rose to thirty-three degrees. Exactly.  How particular when it seemed it could not make its mind up in the first place...

Oil Pastels - I just rediscovered them two weeks ago, and it is shocking how enjoyable they are. I mean, one's hand does become tired after all that blending...but hey, what's not to lose? It's a blessing because God is always showing me the little things that are special.  I'll have to write about that too!

Siblings - Over the past two years, they've been incredible and wonderfully encouraging. Yes, they tease, but I do too. God "sets the lonely in families." I could say I am never lonely, but we all know that is never true.  My siblings are amazing, and since I have them, I need to tell them and make sure they know that. (Psalm 68:6)

Tea - Apologies if it has been featured previously. However, I became deplorably ill over midterms, about the worst time to get sick (well, next to finals, that is), and the graciousness of those around me, along with tea, got me through. Deplorable illness happens rarely, but when it occurs, it holds on like a rat terrier to a rat (shame for me likening myself unto a rat... ce la vie). Anywho. Tea is good for the sick, not V-8 juice.

Worship - Growing up, I've been ever, always, forever exposed to music. A bit ago I was so joyful. (Not to say that I am not now, either.)  And do you know why? Because I was able to just stand in God's presence and sing.  That is not just a little blessing; it's magnanimous, and that is why we worship. (And for the curious, the sheet music is for Come Thou Fount.)

Hopefully I'll post some more literary stuffs soon.  Have a beautiful weekend, and endure the snow! 

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