Friday, 29 March 2013

Of Seven Blessings

Correlating Verses - About this time last year, I was assigned a fifteen-minute presentation for my college health class. Though a bit intimidated, I made my power-point and memorized my "stuff,"and on the day of, I stood up and had a truly exhilarating time talking about joint health (of all subjects) in a room full of teenagers. Reading  Hebrews 12 recently, I came upon favorite verses (12-13) which makes me think of the presentation every time I read it:
"Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed."
Why a blessing? Because we are weak at times, and it is only by God's grace our joints are lubricated and put back into place!

Finding - It's sad how closed-minded we can be at times.  (Maybe it's just me; how closed-minded I can be at times.)  Anyway, there are so many people we interact with everyday, and even though we can in no way be everything to all of them, we can still show Christ.  Yes, it does take effort, but remember, we're not doing this alone. I found friends in an unlikely place and was able to encourage them. Now those God given opportunities, that is what is called a blessing.

Yawning White - Is it just me? The snow seems to be yawning, saying "Yeah, yeah, I'm leaving soon, stop worrying, I'll be taking a long nap." Waking up to the snow melting off the roof was a blessing, because it means the white is tired, and God's Spring will burst forth from its dormant state.

Kindred Professors - They are the best.  It is a skill to stay a student while also developing a genuinely respectful friendship, but it is worth it, because they are people with their passions and lives as well.

Inspiration - A great blessing: Elements around us give us ideas, ideas which help us complete, or start projects, or even put an end to bad habits.  Perhaps its something for an art project or even something for design, but whatever it may be, inspiration for creativity is from our heavenly Father.

Surprises - Again, I must argue that giving is oft more exciting than getting, especially if it is a surprise for someone.  Recently it was someone who's been giving of their time to teach others, and a little expression of gratitude on our part is just enough.

Holy Week Services - Easter is near, and it is a pity I do not have a Spring break so I can spend even more time thinking about it. However, services during Holy Week are so wonderful, because they allow you to let your mind be saturated with the weight of Christ's love.  We think he was so wonderful, but we the deplorable, the aberrational, only know that because he first loved us.

Have a blessed Easter, everyone; He is Risen Indeed!

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