Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A Minnesotan's Chorus

A Minnesotan's Chorus

Spring, where are you?
Last year, I think it was,
You came around before
St. Patrick's, now you're overdue.

Oh, dear Spring, where are you?
I love the cold, but it's not Spring,
The snow is great, but getting old,
Soon new buds will just turn blue.

I say, Spring, where have you got to?
I have no doubt you'll be here soon,
In all your God-created glory,
But must we, do we, have to woo?

Old chap, one full of youthful vigor,
I see just where you are;
You're right around the corner,
And from us not so far.

A little poem I wrote for the first day of Spring in this state of Minnesota. Happy Spring, readers! If you collect Maple Syrup, do so with joy; If you're waiting for the crocus, it will come soon.  
I can't change my template until the weather turns...

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