Friday, 22 March 2013

Of Seven Blessings

A Surprise - You know when it's your birthday, but you don't want anyone to know because you hate it when they sing? Or maybe it's because you just don't want others to know. Anyway, while presenting Luke 24 in a Nursing Home recently, we found it was one of the residents' birthday, and consequently, we did end up singing to Madge. But just think: How may birthdays are hum-drum? I was so glad we could make her day even a little bit better by recognizing her birthday and giving her even more reason to celebrate.

Working - I love hard work. There is nothing in this world like working your heart out and then collapsing knowing a job is well done. Not that I always collapse, mind you... However, various events need people behind the scenes, people who work, and this person (...i.e. me) loves to be behind the scenes working. It is hard, but it's a blessing because it not only teaches endurance and teamwork, but steadfast, persevering joy.

Flowers - It is not Spring yet, but a bit ago, I was given flowers.  Flowers are exquisite, and it is wonderful to have some life in the Winter, as they are little pieces of Spring. Out of place as they may be, the created entities bring joy always.

School - I a trying to fool myself right now. As one who takes a placebo for her headache so am I at this moment, so go back to telling myself that I am blessed.  I have been going through long tedious marathons of study, but I do not have to pay for it.  It is a gift no matter how hard; it is still a gift.

Memory - What would we be without our memories? Every time April nears, I remember re-roofing our house when I was in Swan Lake.  Memories are webbed, fluid and either solidified and vivid or short and fleeting, reminding me yet again that what I put into my memory, or the "tablet of my heart" is so very important. I'll write about that too.

Competition - I used to abhor, despise, loathe (whatever you will) it. But it is a good element in healthy doses, as it pushes me to do better for my Creator.

The Last Day - Dad is home on the weekend; how is that not a blessing? I had a get-together for a class, but since it was not required, I decisively skipped out to spend time with my family.  Some of my chums asked why I was skipping, and I explained.  Imagine my joy when they all lauded me for my "legit reason."  Being together is so important, and unfortunately, sometimes people just do not realize it. I do have to step back and skip, but missing out on those things is far better than missing out on time spent with family.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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